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Top Ten Tips To Sell Your Art- tip number 2

The most important things for survival as an emerging artist, in order of importance, are:

2. Be ethical. Being ethical means doing things which aid you, and the people and the world around you, to survive. Ethics is a personal thing. When a person does things which they themselves, deep down, know are not helpful to their own and others survival, they then cut back their own success. You are basically good and you only allow yourself success if you feel you deserve it. If you want to succeed in anything, you have to be ethical.

As an up and coming artist and someone who was completely new to the game. I didn’t even think of the “ethical part” of being an artist in business. It is often overlooked and not many people really understand. It is your actions that will establish what others think of you. From how you price your art work to how you describe your process. Don’t try to fool people or take advantage of them. Be as honest to one person as you are to the next. Consistency will define you. The best advertising an artist can get is word of mouth, if you are perceived as being an ethical artist from one happy client, he will spread the word. Don’t become your worst enemy, become your own best friend


This is my second tip in a series of building and operating a art business, please provide feedback so we can get a dialogue going. I will post more insights in a few days. You can also follow my blog at, or on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin