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Artists are a group of people who are not driven by success, but by a need to take something inside, to hear what no one else can hear. To see what no one else can see. Artists seek the vision within a mass of stone or wood to find the eternal beauty. Artists are a class of people who are wired for creation. Artists are different then other peoples mind set who are wired for execution. Because artists are driven for this passion of creation, this passion will get them through any situation that confronts them. Whether it is rejection or economic struggles, Artists keep going, not because of your resilient for the sake of being resilient; it is because you’re resilient because you have a bigger vision then just that moment in time.  Because if Artists lets those moments of failure get in their way, they would quit as soon at the first moment of rejection, because a creative job is the most miserable of jobs, it consists of going to failure to failure to failure  until you make a success. If you’re doing it for the money or because it’s cool. You will never get to the end point. It is a Zen like experience