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"Kings Burl"    (18) by Derek bencomo Bencomo

"Kings Burl" (18)

In March of 2012, strong gusts of wind brought down two ancient cypress trees that graced the entrance of Maui’s Winery. Planted in the 1870s, the trees formed part of a ring known historically as the Hula Circle. Here, the “Merrie Monarch,” King David Kalakaua, used to sit and watch his hula dancers perform. It was one of his favorite pastimes during his frequent visits to Rose Ranch, symbolizing an era of reawakening for Hawaiian culture and tradition.

The devastation of the two trees—one lifted right out of the ground, roots and all, and the other snapped four feet up—was deeply sad

Maui Cypress Burl, 9 x 26 x 10 inches