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"Manta", Acacia wood by Derek bencomo Bencomo

"Manta", Acacia wood

"Manta", Acacia wood, 27 x 21 x 6 inches

I have quite few days of work on this piece. I wasn't into it, my tools weren't working well, the design wasn't good, I forced myself to keep working. 
Acacia wood log was 50% rotten. So I carved the rotten wood away and I ended up with a less then desirable piece of wood. 
My thought was that I was going to spend days of time for a plain chunky.
I ended up cutting about 14 inches off the narrow side. The proportions were more pleasing to the eye. Once i got down to the detail stage of this piece, I spent twice as much time refining the form and polishing. 

$4,800.00 USD